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Hello, Nerima is an online shop specialized in generic drugs. We, Nerima, provide cheaper and better quality generic drugs to our customers.

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CEO - Nerima9

Message from CEO


In this fast-growing pharma market, we are doing our best to be the most valuable pharma company by setting up the best criteria, from research on diverse products, its development, and manufacturing consistently,

We are putting our best effort into making consistent profit, ultimately meeting our stakeholder’s expectation on us.

Starting from Japanese trade company, we expanded into Indian pharmaceutical, ensuring we will keep on trying to spread our value all over the world.

Also, we will strive on our way to streamline our logistics, provide price-competitive products and share our profit margin to our employees, thereby flourishing in the most efficient a way as possible.

To our valuable customers

From beloved Nerima9 Team,

Welcome to Nerima9 — where the health of your family is our main priority!
We are here to make you and your family happy, hale and hearty, fresh and active.

Values Nerima9 Assure to Our Beloved Customers

Safe and high-quality products

We choose only reliable pharmaceuticals/suppliers and thoroughly tested drugs.
For your awareness we oblige them to provide us with all the necessary documentation and certificates.
Our providers are internationally recognized pharmacy institutions, and we are proud to offer you their best products to make your life healthier!

Fast and proper service

Enjoy your shopping with our speedy and helpful customer care!
The only thing you need is to place the order of the medication you need on our web-site, all easy and fast.
Everything else is our job!
Also, we are happy to provide you with fast & convenient shipping, with our quality customer support.
And of course your safety in medication and security in payment always come first in providing services to you.

Fair price

Take an advantage of reasonable cost and make it cheaper with our special discount events on various social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc).
We are always pleased to please you with soft prices and extra bonuses to make your purchase the best you ever made in your life.
Follow our news on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, where various events are waiting for you to make the best deal out of it!

No need to go to see a doctor

nor other strings attached to get your medication!
You’ll pay less and save your time at the same time since you can skip getting prescriptions from doctor or going to the pharmacy when you order from us.

It’s time for YOU to relax and It’s time for US to take care of YOUR well-being!
Shop on Nerima9 website freely, safe and enjoyable!
Let’s get it started!
P.S. If you still have any question, feel free to leave your inquiry on our website!

Best Services

Our Services

Quality Services only provided by Nerima. We provide the best products with unbeatable price in the Market.
We have been serving customers around the globe for more than 10-years and now We offer you the best solution that you can only access through online via Nerima service!

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About Us

India has shown the fastest growth for its generic drug in the world.

in this fast-growing medical field, Nerima pharmaceuticals is endeavoring to develop quality medication.

Although realistically, it could be difficult to take care of quality of every product, Nerima9 investigates everything on our own from manufacturing, warehousing, to shipping, only to provide our clients with the best quality products.

Having started our business in Japan, we have dealt with OTC(over the counter) & ETC(ethnical), and now aiming at growing fast in India.

Also, we are striving to produce our own quality products, aimed at exporting them all over the world in the year of 2021.

We Nerima, focusing on every civilian’s healthy life with treatment, has owned more than 100 different brands owned under contract, and shared technologies with many other pharmaceutical companies

We have owned superior products from other pharma companies as well, in our effort of providing our clients with only the best quality products.

Our skills

About Our Skills

Through gaining experience in various economic periods team able to identify the best opportunities.

For you from Nerima9

Shop for your safe & easy healthy lifestyle!

Our Nerima9 pharma helps as many people from every corner of world to get high-quality generic and brand medications from world-renowned and tested suppliers.

Your strong health is not just a fancy dream or wonder, but it’s a work of the best specialists in health-care/pharmaceutical fields.

So, we are here to share with you the medication for you and your family.