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Why Finpecia?

Finpecia is known around the world for many years for a solution to male or female baldness. The treatment is very effective and quick to show the result. That’s why so many people look for Finpecia as their go-to solution for baldness. 

Among many customers, the majority of them were men in their mid-life. But lately, the age of customers has dropped so it is no longer a solution for middle-aged men. 

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As interest in health rapidly increases, interest in health functional foods and generic medicine is increasing rapidly.

Among them, today, we will look at that part.

In other words, it is also called a copy medicine.

It is also known as a counterfeit because of its name, but it is often misunderstood more often than expected.

Then, from now on, let's see if you can safely take generics.

What is generic medicine?

All medicines are patented after they were first developed.

The period is 20 years from the filing date, and during this period, other pharmaceutical companies

It cannot be released.

However, after the patent right has expired, it can be developed and produced.

It is generic medicine that come out at this time.

Why is it cheaper than the original?

Generic medicine is sold at a lower price than the original.

The reason is that while the original has invested astronomical costs to develop it, the generic is not and is competitive with several pharmaceutical companies, so it can be sold at a low price.

Are generics worse in terms of quality than the original?

This is wrong.

It will be easy to understand when you know that there are medicines that are generics among medicines purchased at pharmacies even in our lives.

Perhaps the reason this story came out is because the number of people buying through overseas direct buying is increasing.

However, there is only a difference in the method of purchase, and since the medication contains the same ingredients, the side effects and effects are all the same.

Recently, due to the coronavirus, a lot of medication have been purchased, and medication through overseas direct purchase have also been

As it increases, there is a lot of talk about this.

In reality, there is no legal basis for penalizing the purchase of these medicine, and it is clearly legal under current law.

How to wisely buy medicines?

Recently, there are a lot of companies that buy medicines directly.

However, not all companies sell medication of the same quality, so if you are planning to buy them, it is worth taking a look at what I will explain in the future.

For example, taking a hair loss product as an example, even if the product is the same, the facilities that manufacture and store it are all different. That's because it is commissioned to several production facilities to produce. Therefore, there may be differences in the quality of the product for each vendor. Some companies receive and sell only products without any production or storage facility management, etc. Some companies are meticulously managed and sold. Nerima 9 regularly visits India and inspects production and storage facilities to ensure that good quality products are provided. It is managed so that it can be produced. This part can also be checked in the video on the Nerima 9 website. The bottom line is that both domestic and foreign generics can be safely taken and purchased. At the same time, it was the direct purchase of generic medicine in India that drew attention.

As I mentioned for a moment at the beginning, in the past, while paying attention to health, I mainly bought health functional foods, but now I am directly facing a disease, so I think that I prefer medication that can be solved directly over health products that are taken for prevention Do it.

However, it is true that most medication are purchased at pharmacies and some require a doctor's prescription, so there are many restrictions.

Many people are turning their attention to direct purchase of medicines in India because it is true that they do not receive or provide a prescription for each purchase

Can I trust Indian medicines? That's right. When we usually think of India, most people will think of cows on the streets or the Ganges River, but it is limited to a specific area, and it is known that pharmaceutical cities have a very different atmosphere.

And India's pharmaceutical technology is already well known around the world.

Indeed, India is a pharmaceutical powerhouse with large pharmaceutical companies that can be called global companies.

Therefore, since regulations are strictly applied in production, the quality of our Nerima 9 generic medicine online is good overall.

Are there any legal issues?

The most inquiries from those who want to purchase are the ones I will talk about in the future.

All you do not have to worry about when purchasing is that you are imported for the purpose of self-use, so both specialty and generic medicine are purchased within the framework of the law.

In addition, even if it is caught by customs during customs procedures, there is no disadvantage of course, and in this case, we provide delivery or refund.

Is it the same as the medicine sold in Korea?

With the same ingredients and dosage, the effects and side effects are the same.

Generic medicine are the concept of duplicating products with the same ingredients and dosage as the original medication.

Because of that, I can tell you that it has the same effect.

This is the same for generic medicine sold in domestic pharmacies.

Occasionally, when I took the original medicine, it was okay, but there are some people who say that it doesn't seem to be good or it doesn't work because I'm taking generics.

Of course, it may be very rare, but it is a symptom of most people taking medication while psychologically anxious.

As there is a saying that the placebo effect is said to be, any medication you take is concerned about side effects.

It's a bad habit.

Why Indian generic medicine are safe

Not all products can be said to be, but many of the pharmaceutical companies that produce generic medicine in India have many products made in WHO GMP, that is, production facilities certified by the International Health Organization.

In fact, various products sold in Nerima 9 such as Dutanom, Dutacap, and Finstorm are good products produced in these facilities.

Rather, it can be said that it is rare that such certification is obtained in Korea.

Of course, that does not mean that purchasing domestic medication is bad, but I would like to say that generics are not enough, and rather, it may be a better choice in terms of quality.

Are you suffering from Baldness and considering what kind of baldness treatment to get?

So, which medicine should I take to be more effective?

And what kinds of drugs are effective with fewer side effects?

The above questions are frequently asked by patients.

It seems that you are most concerned about what kind of medicine is good for me and whether the side effects of this medicine will not be significant.

I think you'll often hear that hair loss pills are divided into oral, that is, eatable pills, and external, that is, applied pills.

First of all, we will look at oral pills.

Before that, let's take a closer look at the types and causes of hair loss, and what baldness cure methods are available to resolve them.

There are many types of hair loss depending on the cause. Scarring hair loss in which hair does not regenerate at all is due to accidents or diseases such as trauma or burns, and hair can be regenerated at rest periods such as postpartum alopecia, fever, and hair loss due to drugs, etc. There is this.

Male or female pattern baldness differs with each other.

Unlike female pattern baldness(female baldness), Male pattern baldness begins in the forehead or parietal area and gradually spreads, and is caused by three factors: genetic factors, age, and male hormones.

At first, a thin and weak mother comes out and eventually disappears.

The genes for hair loss can be inherited from either the mother or the father.

However, even if there is a genetic predisposition, hair loss does not occur without male hormones. Testosterone, a type of male hormone, is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and DHT shortens the growth period of the hair and lengthens the resting period, eventually causing hair loss.

In addition, there are systemic alopecia, specular head alopecia, reticulosis alopecia, mechanical alopecia, pressure hair loss, hair loss after childbirth, drug-induced hair loss, tumor-like hair loss, and scar hair loss. Such alopecia is more effective the sooner it is treated, so if alopecia is suspected, you should seek professional treatment immediately.

Representative oral hair loss treatment include two products, the original drug and Avodart.

Both are original drugs.

The basic principle is the same for both the ingredient a-based original drug and ingredient b-based Avodart.

The male hormone testosterone turns into a more potent DHT hormone, which is said to act on the toxic follicles and promote hair loss.

Therefore, it is the principle that the effect of suppressing hair loss by inhibiting the substances made by DHT hormone occurs.

Not only the effects, but the side effects are the same.

Therefore, after consulting with an expert, you will be prescribed medication that is suitable for you.

Above all, it is important to take it consistently.

Hair loss medicine is generally taken 1 tablet per day regardless of meals.

Usually, it is common to expect a certain level of hair loss suppression effect by taking it continuously for at least 3 months.

Of course, the aforementioned effects and side effects are also important, but the most important thing is contraindications when taking hair loss pills.

Since hair loss pills are basically absorbed through the skin, the possibility of absorption of this drug and there is a potential risk of fetal malformation to the male.

Therefore, if you are pregnant or may become pregnant, you should never take this medicine.

In addition, contact with the capsule should also be avoided.

If the capsule leaks and comes in contact with this medicine

The contact area should be washed immediately with water and soap.

Everyone wants white and white skin.

But if there is one thing that hinders our dreams, then, it will probably be acne.

So, what is Acne and why does it occur on our skin?

In general, acne is a disease in which bacteria are infected because sebum to be discharged out of the pores cannot come out due to excessive sebum secretion.

In recent years, it is also caused by various environmental factors such as increase in sebum caused by hormones, hyperkeratosis at the entrance of the hair follicle, and stress. As the causes and symptoms vary according to individuals, treatments and follow-up management are also diverse. Since most acne is caused by incorrect management, if you don't get the right treatment at the beginning of the outbreak, acne scars may remain permanently or the condition may worsen.

In the initial state of acne, if the hair follicle is full of sebum, it is important to prevent the progression of inflammatory acne by extruding it as 'millet acne'. The amount of sebum secreted must be controlled so that it is extruded in time and the sebum does not stagnate.

Severe acne,” in which acne bacteria grow in the state of white or black ones, begins an inflammatory reaction and becomes red acne and causes pain. It should never be squeezed and should be treated by a specialist to leave less acne scars. The purpose of treatment should not be simply to improve symptoms, but treatment to prevent recurrence should be combined.

If the inflammatory reaction proceeds further and festers, it becomes ‘purulent acne' and pus is caught. Purulent acne, where each pimple purifies and creates pustules deep in the skin, requires treatment to strengthen the sebaceous cyst in order to suppress the occurrence of long-term acne.

The basic principle of acne treatment is to develop the power to control acne on your own. Acne treatment and suppression treatment should be combined so that the body can control sebum and normalize the keratin cycle.

It will never be difficult to transform into beautiful skin if the underlying cause is resolved in consideration of the individual's constitution and skin type, and care in daily life such as light exercise and diet control along with treatment are properly performed.

In case of severe acne, it should be managed with medication, but if you have mild acne or oily skin, it is important to prevent various skin diseases caused by sebum.

First, let's look at how to prevent acne.

Hands can be easily contaminated as they touch and touch many things.

Therefore, the prevention of infectious diseases includes hand washing every time.

If you squeeze acne with dirty hands or without equipment and drugs to disinfect, even if it is not dirty, it may infect the wound area and spread to a bigger disease or worsen acne, and even if it goes safely, severe acne scars may remain. .


Do not touch your face with your hands is a similar context. Among the many bacteria in your hands, there are many bacteria that have a weak effect on the skin, including Demodex, so you should avoid touching them.

Everyone will do all the washing, but it seems that how and what to do is important.

Usually, I wash my face only with water, but I use a product such as foam cleansing, and even after using it, I apply several products to manage it.

In this case, it is important to use a product that is suitable for your skin.

Next is the use of brush products.

There are many people who use electric or regular brushes because it is not good to touch their face with their hands.

But rather, these brushes can be a great irritant to your skin.

Even if this is not the case, it is recommended not to use it because the nature of the brush that you use several times will cause a lot of bacterial growth.

Maybe that's what everyone knows.

Of course, it cannot be said that it is affected so much, but at least you need to be careful if you have more acne than others or if you have frequent skin problems.

In particular, alcohol and cigarettes are not very good for your skin, so it is better to refrain from taking acne medications.

Like eating habits, it seems to be something that many people know.

While a person sleeps, all organs of the body rest and the skin regenerates in the meantime. If sleep is not enough, the condition of the skin will inevitably worsen.

Therefore, it is important to get regular and adequate sleep.

However, as mentioned earlier, even if the above preventive measures are sufficiently practiced, severe acne symptoms do not improve in many cases, and in this case, many people treat them with acne medicines.

Please note that the treatment for severe acne has separate ingredients, and the drug can be purchased from Nerima 9 as well.

So, with the above info we’ve given to you, take care of your skin and acne well with the right method!

It is known that every human being has five basic needs, one of which is called menstrual desire.

And its sub-concepts include appetite and sleep and another, sexual desire.

So, let's talk in detail about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, which are representative sexual disorders that interfere with sexual desire.

Also, if you were searching for premature ejaculation porn, and ended up here somehow, stay tuned in here since there will be something you should definitely know of.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, known as two major sexual disorders in men, are clearly different diseases, but many people are confused. According to one survey, a survey of 4,000 adult men and women in Korea revealed that half of them were unable to distinguish between the two sexual diseases.

There is an opinion that it is easy to confuse these two, especially if you are not in a culture where you talk freely about sex.

So, let's take a closer look at what are the two major sexual disorders of men, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and how they are different and what treatments are available.

First, let's find out about premature ejaculation meaning and premature ejaculation treatment.

So, What is premature ejaculation and what the heck does it mean to suffer from it?

Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction.

It is known that the most common symptoms of premature ejaculation are the inability to control ejaculation when having intercourse, ejaculation without sacrificing satisfaction after insertion, or reaching extreme levels in an instant with just a little stimulation.

So, what is the cause of premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation causes quite vary, but is most likely to be coming from brain problems.

It occurs because the amount of serotonin secretion in the ejaculatory center in the brain is not regulated. Sometimes even people who have not had premature ejaculation are said to temporarily develop premature ejaculation if they become too sensitive to sexual stimulation depending on the circumstances.

Erectile dysfunction is different from premature ejaculation in terms of causes and symptoms.

You don’t have an erection enough to have sexual activity, or you have an erection that doesn’t last long, Erectile dysfunction can be suspected when these symptoms last longer than 3 months.

Erectile dysfunction is rarely caused by psychological causes, but it is known that most of them are caused by blood vessel problems.

It is said that blood circulation to the penis may deteriorate due to complications of adult diseases such as aging, hyperlipidemia and diabetes, which can lead to erectile dysfunction at all.

Like this, although the causes and symptoms of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are completely different, there are some cases where they are confused as similar diseases.

The reason is that the probability of both diseases appearing at the same time is high.

According to one survey, about 50% of patients with erectile dysfunction had premature ejaculation. Because they can't maintain an erection for a long time, they rush to end sexual intercourse quickly, and later, it becomes a habit and leads to premature ejaculation.

Also, on the contrary, about 57% of patients with premature ejaculation had erectile dysfunction together. to avoid premature ejaculation, sexual stimulation is forcibly reduced, which makes it difficult to maintain an erection.

So, what are some ways to prevent premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction?

To prevent premature ejaculation, you need a lifestyle that promotes the secretion of serotonin.

In general, walking, meditation, yoga, etc. are good, and controlling stress as much as possible can be very helpful.

Also, there are certain foods to cure premature ejaculation, such as Green onions, Ashwagandha Ginger and Honey Garlic, etc.

What are the premature ejaculation cure and that of erectile dysfunction?

There are two main categories.

There are methods of taking erectile dysfunction treatments, and other surgical methods such as injection into the cavernous body, insertion of penile implants, and vascular surgery are also available.

So, let’s took a closer look at two male sexual diseases, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can be prevented, and premature ejaculation medicine is varied in number, but the most important thing is to not hide the disease.

If there are related symptoms and premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction is suspected, it is important to actively treat and prevent recurrence through consultation with an expert as much as possible.

If you don't get treatment for being embarrassed, or if you read false information posted on the Internet and self-medicate, the disease may become bigger or lead to other unwanted side effects.

Kamagra is an erectile dysfuction treatment developed by Ajanta Pharma.

Ajanta Pharma is a pharmaceutical company with great trust, such as having several factories in India recognized by the World Health Organization, such as safety, hygiene, quality control, and manufacturing standards, and evaluated that the safety of the product is quite high.

So here Nerima9 will explain in detail how to take Kamagra, dosage, precautions and side effects.

Intake of Kamagra

After taking it, you can eat it with alcohol or drinks.

Avoid alcohol content as much as possible.

You must take it 10 to 30 minutes before it is effective.

Ingestion of alcohol interferes with the circulation of blood to the genitals, making it impossible to fully exert the effects of Kamagra.

Also, alcohol tends to lower the erection itself regardless of E.D (impotence).

Since individual differences and physical conditions are also related, drinking alcohol in a small amount or moderately may not be able to fully exert the effects of Kamagra.

But keep in mind that the effects may vary depending on the different types of Kamagra such as Kamagra gel, or kamagra jelly.

Kamagra dosage

The maximum recommended is 2 packets or 2 tablets per day and It is 200mg. There may be a problem with the heart and blood pressure, so please refrain from overdose, no matter how healthy you are.

And If you take two or more tablets at a time, it may cause strong side effects, so it is very dangerous, so please refrain from overdosing.

If side effects are strong, the burden on the body is great and there is a risk of heart attack.

If you think it is not effective, please use another E.D treatment or consult your doctor.

Taking after drinking kamagra

Drinking interferes with normal blood flow and does not supply enough blood to the penis, so the effect is halved. Also, alcohol has the effect of paralyzing the brain and suppressing erections.

If you are compelled to drink alcohol, drink only the minimum amount. In some cases, the effect does not appear at all, so if you want to fully exert the effect, it is better not to drink alcohol.

Kamagra side effects

Symptoms include headache, nausea, hot flashes, congestion, stuffy nose, and indigestion, which are found in some people who take it.

Most of them are temporary and the symptoms are mild, so even if you do not stop, it is not harmful to your health and there is no discomfort when taking it.

However, if you think the symptom is severe for yourself, please stop taking it.

How to take Kamagra?

If you’re allergic to Kamagra ingredient, it is recommended to take them on an empty stomach (the effect is fully exhibited when taking an empty stomach.

Taking after meals may not be effective enough because blood is concentrated in the stomach and blood flow to the genitals is deteriorated.

If it is unavoidable, please eat a light meal after taking the ingredients in your body (about 1 hour later).

It is also recommended to take 10 to 60 minutes before (consult on each product).

For other dosages, check the product after selecting the product on the Kamagra purchase page.


Those with chronic diseases such as allergies, anemia, eye diseases, cancer, hypertension and hypotension, arrhythmia, heart failure, chest pain, and certain diseases

For patients with low blood pressure of 90/50 mmHg, do not take this medicine.

And For patients with 170/100 mmhg high blood pressure and those who have received treatment for stroke or myocardial infarction within the last 6 months.

Also, Men for whom exercise is not recommended (unstable, angina, severe, heart failure, etc.).

Those with chronic diseases such as allergies, anemia, eye diseases, cancer, hypertension and hypotension, arrhythmia, heart failure, chest pain, and certain diseases

In addition, those who feel that the effect of Kamagra is strong Since Kamagra contains active ingredients, you can think that the amount of active ingredients is high for Korean men.

Because of this, there may be side effects (facial flushing, congestion, nasal congestion, headache, etc.) for taking Korean men.

We recommend that you adjust the dosage according to your needs and take it. (Divided in half)

Do you happen to feel like you want to go and fall asleep at most of the times of your day?

Well, then you can be suspicious that you might be suffering from narcolepsy.

FYI, narcolepsy symptoms vary so let’s find out what it means to have narcolepsy and its symptoms and treatments accordingly.

What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a chronic disorder characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, which may occur with other narcolepsy symptoms such as cataplexy, sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

Symptoms of narcolepsy can be felt rather easily. People with narcolepsy have excessive sleepiness during the day despite adequate sleep duration overnight, which is one of the most common signs of narcolepsy.

The sleepiness may be characterized by an inability to stay awake during passive situations, an irresistible urge to nap or, occasionally, falling asleep in situations where it is inappropriate to do so (such as in meetings, at school or when driving).

Many people with narcolepsy find short naps to have a refreshing and restorative effect.

Cataplexy occurs with classic narcolepsy, now referred to as narcolepsy type 1, Which involves a sudden loss of muscle power which is triggered by strong emotion such as laughter.

Cataplexy does not affect the ability to breathe.

Episodes of cataplexy can involve all muscles of the body (resulting in the person to fall over or buckle at the knees) or may only involve only some muscle groups (causing head nodding or jaw sagging, for example).

Many people with narcolepsy also experience other symptoms such as sleep paralysis and hallucinations, although these can occur in other conditions and in some healthy people. Sleep paralysis occurs when someone wakes during the night and is unable to move for a short period of time. Hallucinations can occur at the beginning of sleep (known as hypnagogic hallucinations) and end of sleep (known as hypnopompic hallucinations). People will perceive images, shapes or shadows within their bedroom environment and are often confused as to whether they are dreaming or not.

What causes narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy occurs in genetically susceptible people. Infections (such as streptococcus and influenza) and some vaccinations have been shown to trigger the onset of narcolepsy. It occurs due to autoimmune destruction of a small group of cells in an area of the brain known as the lateral hypothalamus. These cells normally produce a chemical called hypocretin (also known as orexin), which is very important in both wakefulness and in stabilizing the transition between being awake and sleeping.

How to treat narcolepsy?

We’d all know that you’re not here just to know the narcolepsy definition and etc, so here is the narcolepsy treatments you’d come here for.

There is currently no specific treatment for narcolepsy although symptoms may be controlled with medication such as modafinil and armodafinil, both of which you can also get from Nerima9 by the way.

In addition to that, Wake-promoting medications are used to control excessive sleepiness and some antidepressants can be effective in controlling other symptoms such as cataplexy and hallucinations. People with narcolepsy often feel refreshed after short power naps during the day.

So far, we’ve been talking about what is Narcolepsy, its symptoms, and treatments to consider.

For those of you considering taking narcolepsy treatments like modafinil/armodafinil, free to come in to Nerima9 and see a sea of Indian generic products on our website.

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Are you looking to get whatever medicine you want with a reliable online drugstore?

According to one source, there are three reasons why consumers around the world prefer online pharmacies just like us, Nerima9 Pharmaceuticals.

Best Online Drugstore, NERIMA9

So, let’s dive right in on why now!

First, most online pharmacies sell products cheaper than offline pharmacies. According to a survey (multiple responses) conducted by marketing companies, the biggest reason consumers prefer online shopping is 'price'.

Second, because you can receive your ordered items at any time you want.

There is no need to stand in long lines at the pharmacy.

Third, because consumers can always find what they need.

The second reason is the convenience of the receiving process, while the third reason is the convenience of the purchase process.

In other words, consumers can order cosmetics or other medicines such as antibiotics, baldness treatment, sexual enhancement products and what more from online pharma store like us, Nerima9.

You can order anytime, anywhere through our online shopping mall, and find the selected product at an offline store or receive it at home, which is a huge advantage to using our website to get medicine you want.

Due to the development of Internet and delivery culture, there are no products that cannot be purchased both domestically and abroad.

Overseas sites that cannot be delivered in Korea use ship-to-ship companies with more money.

It is also imported into Korea.

if you’re seeking any drugstore near me, come to Nerima9 drugstore and enjoy our various monthly events on our Insta, Facebook, and Youtube, etc, and feel free to check out our online drugstore coupons there.

Since a few years ago, Nerima 9 and other direct purchases of medicines have become quite popular, so many people might be curious about it, so I'm going to tell you about it.

General foods and electronic products do not violate the law greatly, but drugs are subject to many legal restrictions.

There are many people who worry about whether this is illegal before making a fastball.

However, it is true that all companies including Nerima 9 operate within a legal framework.

* Of course, there may be some illegal online drugstore near me.

With that being said, India is the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturing country as you’d probably know.

Although unfamiliar in Korea, drugs are exported to many countries around the world, including advanced countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and there are many large-scale pharmaceutical companies.

So the idea that quality will be degraded just because it was produced in India is wrong.

If you see doctors and pharmacists talking about Indian medicines on YouTube, you can see them talking negatively, such as those that have not been verified and foreign substances may enter during production.

This part is actually a lot of inquiries from customers to Nerima 9.

So, if you answer correctly.

India's pharmaceutical production regulations are more stringent than in Korea, and there is a WHO GMP mark certified by the International Health Organization, which is rarely seen by domestic pharmaceutical companies.

There are many products made.

Although I understand the intentions they were talking about, there has been no evidence that they are actually only criticizing or degrading, but are dangerous or have more side effects.

Of course, that is not the case if all Indian medicines are produced in a good environment.

There are products that are produced under thorough management and supervision, such as Nerima 9, while there are unscrupulous direct buying companies that only receive and receive products, so be careful.

This is why, in practice, a representative example of direct purchase of drugs and side effects occurred.

This is because the production facilities and, more importantly, storage facilities differ greatly from company to company.

Nerima 9 online drugstore tells you that it manages drugs to be stored in an optimal environment and delivered safely to customers.

Nerima 9 has always operated a referral system.

It seemed that more people didn't know about it than I thought. So, in order to inform you about this system and to inform many people, we expanded the recommendation event.

When registering as a member, fill in your recommender ID or sign up for Nerima 9 through the link received from the recommender, and you will receive certain points immediately.

This is the same friend recommendation event as the first one.

On the contrary, if you invite others to sign up and purchase items, some points will be awarded to the recommended customer.

However, it is only for the first purchase.

The more members you invite, the more points you can collect, especially in the monthly Nerima 9 recommendation.

If you are selected, you can get up to certain amount of points, so be sure to refer to it!

In addition, Nerima 9 recently opened a new YouTube channel. There are already several videos on it now.

If you have fun, please take a look at it when you have time, click Like, Subscribe, Comment, and participate in this subscriber event to receive the product.

Subscribe to and follow the Nerima 9 SNS page and the YouTube channel described above, capture the screen, and upload it to the review board on the Nerima 9 homepage.

Points are provided.

If you subscribe or follow only one channel, you will receive some points. If you follow and subscribe to all channels, you will receive certain points.

We wish you a happy drug purchase with Nerima 9.